We've given away over $12,000 for referrals and it's only September!

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How easy is it to get a cash payment for referring your family, friends, and neighbors to Northeast Solar? 

Really, REALLY, easy. 

We’ve already paid out over $12,000 in referral checks this year!

Some of our advocates are customers, some are not. You don’t have to have solar to earn $500 everytime someone you tell goes solar with us.

You don’t need to be a salesperson to advocate for Northeast Solar and clean energy, but having a little solar know-how under your belt might help. 

Here are some fun facts and interesting tid-bits that might make the conversation a little easier. 

Buy, don't lease!

Owning solar is a much better investment than leased solar or power purchase agreements.

When you own solar, you receive a $1000 state tax incentive, a 22% federal tax incentive, SMART cash payments for ten years, and savings on your electric bill for years and years. Most Northeast Solar arrays pay for themselves between 6-9 years and the money you make from your panels stays in your pocket which is actually really great for the local economy too, because you are more likely to spend that money at a locally owned coffee shop, book store, restaurant. That enriches the entire community.  

Conversely, when you lease a solar array, you don’t actually own the system. Leases and ppa’s are more like renting your roof to a big corporation. You get a little savings on your electric bill at first, but all the tax incentives and clean energy dollars go to the corporation, not you! Leases and PPA’s come with 20 year contracts that are almost impossible to get out of, and the corporation (think Solar City or Vivint Solar) actually has the legal right to tell you to cut down trees on your property if they interfere with solar production.

Northeast Solar has your back in case of an outage!

We install everything you need to make your home a smart, efficient sanctuary that will see you safely through thunderstorms, winter blizzards, and the occasional accidental power outage with battery backup systems. Our systems are affordable and when combined with solar, will keep the lights on even in the case of a power outage that lasts for days. As long as the sun shines, you will have power. We know that no two homes are the same, that’s why we customize our battery systems to meet your energy needs.

Northeast Solar is forward thinking! 

Our homes are our sanctuaries, especially now. With so many people spending all their time at home, we are happy to turn it into an efficient, self-sustaining sanctuary with electric vehicle charges, mini-split heat pumps, home monitoring and much, much more. Our technology and customer care are top notch. We take care of all the details and take your security and comfort seriously so you can go about your day without having to wonder what the future holds for you or your family. 

Northeast Solar can help with financing!

We have a great relationship with local banks and credit unions like UMassFive. They have two really impressive solar loan packages that make going solar easy and much more affordable than you think. With a fast return on your investment and low rates, solar and related technologies are the absolute best investment you can make in your home. 

Those are just a few reasons to tell your friends about us. And remember, we will pay you $500 anytime someone you tell goes solar with us and there is no limit to the number of referral checks you can receive in a year! 

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Or email us at: info@northeast-solar.com