Weatherize before Winter

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Love it or hate it, Autumn has landed in Western Massachusetts. With the new season comes some great festivals, beautiful scenery and a gentle reminder that Winter is just around the corner. Now is the time to weatherize your home in preparation for the cold months ahead. A little preparation now can save you a lot on your heating and electric bills all season long. These simple steps will help you keep more money in your wallet and heat in your house!

1. Become more energy efficient. Start with an energy audit from MassSave. They offer home energy assessments that will save you money on your electric bills and could qualify you for rebates and discounts.

2. Self-inspect your home. Walk around your home and look for any cracks, gaps, leaks or drafty windows and doors. This Department of Energy site provides tips on how to conduct your own audit. 

3. Close the gap! After you’ve walked-through your home, fill in all the air gaps that you find. Use expanding foam for large cracks and openings and weather stripping or caulking around smaller openings. Look for leaks in the basement where pipes and cables run through the wall too.

4. How’s the heating system? Check ducts to make sure they are properly sealed to hold onto as much heat as possible. Check furnace filters and replace them if needed and hire a professional to clean your heating system at least once a year.

5. Seal drafty windows. Install storm windows to add an extra layer of insulation. If you don’t have those, cover your windows with shrinking plastic wrap. Window wrap is easy to install, and all you need is a pair of scissors and a hair dryer to do the job!

The first step in living a green lifestyle is cutting back on your energy consumption. What steps can you take after you weatherize your home and have a MassSave home energy audit? Most people consider adding a solar photovoltaic array to drastically cut electricity use, save substantial amounts of money every year and set a good green example for your neighbors and friends.

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