UPDATE: Massachusetts safe working rules during COVID-19

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As the Covid-19 virus changes, so do our working protocols. The state of Massachusetts recently released safety guidelines that all businesses are expected to follow in order to mitigate the spread of this dangerous virus. By following these rules, Northeast Solar can continue to install solar while keeping our employees, our customers, and the community safe. 

You can read the state guidelines here.

From what we know now, this virus is capable of causing severe illness and impacts those with pre-existing conditions and the elderly much more intensely. We all have a mutual responsibility to look out for one another's health during this time by doing whatever we can to stop the spread of Covid-19. 

But we also have to look at the other aspects of health, including mental wellbeing. Covid has forced us to  change our lives and our routines significantly over the past month. We hear news about the toll this virus is taking on a global scale every day. It’s easy to become overwhelmed—it’s normal to fear for our health and the health of the people we love.  

Northeast Solar is taking extra measures to ensure that our employees take the time they need to feel safe both physically and emotionally. We are supporting our employees by encouraging self-care days. We are making it clear that our employees don’t have to be physically sick to ask for a day, or a few days off—we encourage it. 

Our solar installers work through freezing cold winters and are on rooftops in blazing hot summer heat. They always, without fail, show up to work with smiles on their faces ready to do the good work. We see that, we sincerely appreciate that, and we are taking steps to make sure they feel supported in this moment. 

If you have any questions about how we are working during this pandemic, we encourage you to contact us directly. Our office staff are all working remotely and are ready to field your questions at 413-247-6045.

Have Questions? Give Us a Call: 413-247-6045

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