Turkey day tricks to save time and energy

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The holidays are here. It’s time for family, friends and lots of pie! Did you know the average turkey takes four hours to cook and uses 8 kWh of electricity? That equals $25 million dollars in energy usage nation-wide!

Here are five ways you can save some energy this holiday season.

1. Turn the heat down a few degrees before guests arrive. The combined body heat of your friends and family will make it more than comfortable during diner.

2. Most ovens can preheat in about ten minutes so time oven usage accordingly. And remember, there is no need to preheat for broiling or roasting.

3. Use the “lids-on” approach to cooking. Those potatoes will cook a lot faster when the water stays hot. Save energy while stove top cooking by keeping the lid on your pot whenever possible.

4. Check the door seals on your refrigerator. Here’s a simple test. Close the refrigerator door on a dollar bill. If you can slip the bill out with ease or if the bill just falls, it’s time to adjust the door or replace the seals.  

5. After the feast, don’t use the built in oven cleaning cycle unless a major cleaning is needed. Wipe up spills with a sponge. If you have to use the self-clean, do it right after cooking since the oven will still be hot. 

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