Short and sweet with Bernie Schliemann.

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Bernie Schliemann is a retired army officer who currently teaches engineering courses at UMass Amherst. He and his family had Northeast Solar install a new system on the roof of the new garage. The Family has been enjoying low or no energy bills since. 

Q: When did you decide to go solar?

A: I decided to go solar several years ago. I developed an interest in solar energy and had my house evaluated for solar panels.  While the orientation and neighbor’s trees were not conducive to using them, I decided to design for them when I had my garage built.  The roof is ideal for solar panels.

Q: Has life changed at all after going solar? Are you more conscious about your energy consumption? 

A: I think I was always conscious about energy consumption, but even more so now. I want to continue to pay nothing for electricity while doing my part to minimize our carbon footprint and energy consumption.

Q:How does solar fit in with your life in general? Does it complement other environmental concerns you have? 

A: I think solar energy is a brilliant initiative and I am always interested in minimizing energy consumption and waste.

Q:How have your friends, family and neighbors reacted? 

A: Frankly, I have not heard many comments at all – probably because my panels are tough to notice.  However, my friends in general are supportive of not wasting energy.

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