Interview with Jeannette Tokarz on Sustainable Landscaping

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Conversation with Amherst Resident and local pediatrician Jeanette Tokarz on sustainable landscaping.

Many times when we are talking to clients about solar and their goals on sustainable living, we find very interesting stories imbedded in their lives.

This happened to us when we were working with Jeannette Tokarz who at the time was the solar coach for Amherst and has since become a client and friend.  Jeannette shared with us her ongoing project to convert her “little piece of the planet” into a sustainable landscape.  By incorporating native plants she has transformed her property from the standard fertilized, chemically laced lawn into a beautiful landscape that blends naturally with the environment.

In the early fall, with the blue Jays squawking in the trees, we sat down with Jeannette to talk about the project and her thoughts on living sustainably. 

Here is that conversation.


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