Important News: Solarize Belchertown

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All of us here at Northeast Solar and the entire Solarize Belchertown committee hope this email finds you safe and sound during this challenging time. 

As you know, Northeast Solar was selected to be the official installer for the Solarize Belchertown campaign. In just a few short months, we exceeded our goals, reaching tier 5 pricing faster than any of us anticipated. 

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic forced us all to make changes to the way we live our lives. Many people are self-isolating at home with their families and we’ve heard from countless people expressing how their homes have been sanctuaries during this time. Of course, spending more time at home means higher electric bills. Folks with solar are seeing savings every time the sun shines and we want to give you the opportunity to take advantage of all that solar power has to offer. 

With that in mind, we have decided to extend the Solarize Campaign until April 30th. 

Call for a free, no obligation solar assessment

We realize that you might have a lot of questions, that's why we offer free, no commitment solar consultations over the phone. Our solar staff are working remotely and waiting to take your call.

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Sign a contract with us before the end of April and you will get...

  • Exclusive Solarize tier 5 pricing
  • $1000 dollar state tax credit
  • 26% federal tax credit
  • Savings on your electric bill for years to come

That's thousands of dollars off a sustainable technology that will increase the value of your home and give you control over your electric bill, no matter how much utility rates increase.  

Solar is a sustaining technology that, when combined with a back-up battery, will give you and your family an added level of security and comfort. This offer will end April 30th, so now is the time to call. 

How we are working during the COVID-19 pandemic

Northeast Solar is hard at work despite challenging COVID-19 setbacks. Our office staff are taking calls, designing systems, and signing contracts—all remotely. Our install crews have implemented safe, social distancing practices and are in constant digital communication with customers so you are up to speed at every step of the installation. As per state orders, our office is closed until further notice, but that has not affected our ability to work.

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