Education is the Hope for our Future

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From the Northeast Solar Mission Statement…

“We believe that the world’s energy needs can be met with renewable energy. This can be accomplished through education, community action, conservation, and the installation of renewable energy systems.”

Recently a friend, mentor and faculty member of GCC, Jay Gump PhD, sent me an email asking if we had a spare solar panel that he could use for a school project. He was going to be doing some science work with his daughter Leah’s 3rd grade class, starting with plants and machines. He was going to use the spare panel to demonstrate photosynthesis and other chemical processes.

Of course the answer was yes. We found a good functioning panel and passed it along to him. A few weeks later I got this video link.

We love it! The best part arrived a few days later when Jay delivered a large thank you card from Mrs. Dacyczyn’s third grade class at Conway Grammar School. It hangs proudly in our office.

We love science, education and our community. Thank you Jay for including us in your efforts to educate the next generation. Please reach out to us if you have an educational program that we could assist in.


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