Dinner with the Carnegies

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I visited Steve and Dana Carnegie in their Amherst home at around diner time on one of the hottest days of the summer. We took the discussion inside to escape the heat while they prepared dinner. 

While sitting with the family, I quickly began to recognize how resourceful they were. The AC was on low, just enough to take the humidity out of the air and dinner was made up of organic vegetable that they received as a part of their Brookfield Farm CSA.

While washing some greens, Dana said, “Something that is really core to us is an understanding that we need to do our part for the environment. Whatever we can do to lessen our impact we want to do.”

After she was done washing the greens, she poured the water into a watering can. She’ll use the gray water to take care of the flowers in the back yard later.

“We recycle everything that we can and we compost everything we can. We only produce one bag of trash per month,” She said. 

It came as no surprise to me that the couple had a solar PV system on their roof. 

Steve, who was helping prepare the meal said, “Free energy is literally pouring from the sky,” stopping to wipe down the counter. 

Steve and Dana first heard about Northeast Solar at a Solarize Amherst event where solar professionals presented all the perks of owning a solar panel system.

“Solarize Amherst was really appealing because of the community element,” Steve said. “Once they started showing us all the perks, it was really hard to say no.” 

The system is new, but they’ve already noticed a difference in their bill—even with the AC running. 

“We try to do everything that we can for the Earth. If we could do more we would, happily,” Dana said. 

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