Cathy Reid is Caring for the Planet, One Square Foot at a Time

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Former Smith College professor and South Dakota native, Cathy Reid, moved into her Williamsburg, Massachusetts home in 2002.

The 15 acre parcel of land is covered by trees, lush meadows outlined by stone walls and her solar powered home.

Reid’s garage is decorated with tiered flower gardens and a 306 square foot solar panel array that she had installed by Northeast Solar in 2015.

“Not having an energy bill is nice,” she said laughing.

Looking around her landscaped yard, she walks over to her square foot garden in the backyard where two plots are bursting with green. Tomatoes, kale, herbs and squash are pouring over the sides of her raised beds.

“It’s kinda in my bones to garden,” she told me as she plucked dead leaves off of her bountiful tomato plant that was crawling up a old garden trellis. 

“We built all the gardens. We started the gardens before we moved to this land,” Reid said.

Reid’s solar panels are just her most recent household project aimed at getting the most out of nature, without abusing the environment or over consuming. 

While saving the planet is a daunting task for some, Reid has found a way to live a life that is in line with her personal beliefs by growing food and producing green energy one square foot at a time.

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