Andrew makes it to 100,000!

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Andrew celebrated turning the odometer of his Nissan Leaf over to 100,000 miles, so we thought it was a good time to remind you that in addition to installing state-of-the-art solar for your home and business, we also sell and install electric vehicle chargers for fast charging of your clean vehicle. 

Combining solar with your EV helps you lessen the impact you have on the environment and saves you money in the process. 

What are the benefits of owning an electric vehicle?

Electric vehicles are:

  • Cheaper to run
  • Cheaper to maintain
  • Better for the environment
  • Better for our health

They also give you an added level of energy security.

In addition to state and federal incentives, EV’s are a great way to get the most out of your Northeast Solar solar array.

Don’t have solar yet? Give us a call and we can package a solar array with an EV charger. 

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