Share the Sun Solar Referral Program

Pay off your system even faster!

Do you want to help create a cleaner environment while helping your neighbors and friends save money? You can do both by participating in our Share the Sun Solar Referral Program.

Share the Sun with your friends and family and we’ll give you $500* every time someone you refer signs a contract with us. That’s right, we will give you a financial boost for doing something that already feels good. How sweet is that?

Here’s what you do

Share your solar story with your closest friends and family. Tell them why you chose Northeast Solar and how solar has benefited you. Print the Share the Sun info sheet below, and use it to talk about the financial and environmental benefits of going solar with a local company. We'll give you a cash bonus if your referral signs a contract with us.

Download and print this Share the Sun info sheet and use it to explain all of the perks associated with going solar. You can also share this info sheet on your social media sites to boost your chances of getting a bonus. 

Host a solar home party

We’ll bring the wine and cheese, you bring a few neighbors and friends!

Show off your solar system by throwing a solar home party. Just set a date, invite a few friends, and we’ll send over your Northeast Solar representative to talk about the perks of going solar. You will receive a $500* solar referral bonus for every guest that signs a contract with us. Just give us a call at 413-247-6045, and we'll get your home party on the calendar! 

*Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions can change at any time. Bonus cannot be combined with any other promotion or discount. Bonus capped at $500 per referral. Referral must be confirmed at the time of contract signing. New customer must fill out a referral form that the sales person will provide. Northeast Solar will notify referral recipient of referral fee they are to receive. Referrals confirmed after contract signing will not be honored. Referral can be split between multiple people. Referral can be treated as income and is subject to taxation. Certain municipal or county employees may not qualify for referral bonus due to conflicts of interest. Systems larger than 5kW receive a maximum $500 referral bonus. Systems smaller than 4.99kW will receive a maximum of $250 referral bonus. Bonus does not apply to solar coop referrals.