Three podcasts to satisfy the inner gigageek in all of us.

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With the solar landscape in America and the world growing and changing all the time, there’s a lot to talk about. Fortunately, these podcasts and news archives have made a job of talking about all things solar, so you can listen in your car during your commute, or on your morning jog (I personally can’t imagine jogging in this cold, but congrats to you if you are!).

The Energy Gang

This podcast, produced by Greentech Media, features debate and discussion that you won’t hear anyplace else. You’ll hear from energy futurist, Jigar Shah, energy policy expert Katherine Hamilton and Greentech editor-in-chief Stephen Lacey as they delve deep into the forces guiding solar energy policy in the US. This podcast is well-produced, entertaining and informative. The most recent podcast looks at Trump’s new solar tariffs—definitely worth a listen.

NPR Solar Power Story Archive

Ok, this is not strictly a podcast, but you can listen and read up on the most interesting solar news happening in the country and around the world. This NPR solar story archive is full of stories and podcasts discussing a wide range of topics, from Elon’s Tesla dreams to how solar power might help a small village in North India.


This podcast tackles solar on a global level. Nico Johnson talks to solar industry execs from all over the globe. Perfect for the policy nerd and renewable enthusiasts alike.  



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